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17th September 2016: a great initiative from Yuan LIANG (cohort 2015-2017) - a conference was organized in China on the Master Crossways to share their experiences and to promote the programme
5-7th September, 2016: Academic Council, Induction days and Graduation ceremony, great thanks to the University of Saint Andrews for the whole organization
Students from the Master Erasmus Mundus celebrating the graduation ceremony in a post-Brexit period (University of Saint Andrews-Scotland)? Interested article with the participation of the local coordinator Prof. Gustavo San Roman
Clarifications about Erasmus Mundus and the recent British referendum (Brexit)
Induction days took place on 8th and 9th September 2015 in Perpignan (France). Laura was elected as students' representative at that occasion: Laura, Svetlana, Isabel, Merve and Maria Luiza were the five candidates
Welcome to 2015-2017 students!
Induction days will take place on 8th and 9th September 2015 in Perpignan (France)
One students' representative will be elected at that occasion. Laura, Svetlana, Isabel, Merve and Maria Luiza are the five candidates
2015-2017 students not able to attend the Induction Days are invited send their vote to by the 7th of September
SAVE THE DATE! 10th Anniversary of the Master, 10-12 September 2015 in Perpignan: Conference announcement and call for papers
Lire Les Cantos d'Ezra Pound - the new book written by professor Jonathan Pollock
I Congreso Internacional Witold Gombrowicz a 75 años de su llegada a Argentina (1939-2014)
7 al 9 de agosto de 2014 Biblioteca Nacional de Buenos Aires
New EMMC Crossways in Cultural Narratives Flyer
Human[i]ties Perspective - University of Hamburg - 11-12 November 2011
Call for papers: Rethinking Humanism (28.VI-1.VII.2012)

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