Crossways in Cultural Narratives
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Area bacheca: 672&

The call for applications is open from 20 October until 20 January (for scholarships) and until 20 May (for non-scholarship)

Forms can be submitted any time between openings and deadlines. For that, you need to fill an on-line application form by following the link:

Before filling this application form you MUST read Student application form guidelines or Visiting Scholar (professors) application form.

Selection results are communicated by email:
  • by the beginning of May for "scholarships" applications (deadline 20 January)
  • by the beginning of June otherwise (deadline 20 May)
Application Form GuidelinesPublication
00 - FAQ Applications21/10/2015
01 - Student application form guidelines26/10/2016
02 - Student application form guidelines Annex 119/10/2012
03 - Visiting scholar application form guidelines21/10/2015
04 - Template: declaration on honour21/10/2015
05 - Template: background for academic papers21/10/2015

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